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COSTICA NITU, Prof.Ph.D.Eng. (1992, 1972, 1963), Ph.D. supervisor.

  1. Professional adress:
          University “Politehnica” of Bucharest
          Faculty of Automation Control and Computer Science
          Department Automatic Control and System Engineering,
          Spl. Independentei 313, Sector 6, Bucharest, Romania
          Tel.+40 21 4029610

  2. Personal adress:
          Str.Rotunda 10; Bloc Y2A, Sc.2, Ap.68, Sector 3,
          Bucharest, code 032701; Romania

  3. Personal data :
          He was born on 14.07.1938, Com. Forasti, Sat Oniceni, judet Suceava. He is married ( Mariana Dudulea ). He has a boy Corneliu ( 1969 ).

  4. Studies:
          He received his M.S. in Automatic Control and Computers in 1963 from The Power Institute –Moscow with the diploma project “ Optimal control system for slow processes” and a Ph.D. degree in Automatic Control in 1972 from the University " Politehnica" of Bucharest with the thesis “Invariant Digital Control Systems”.
          He visited for study periods or participated with scientific papers at International Conferences in the Dresden University (1975), the University of Catania-Italy (1995), the Lille University–France (1998), Moscow Power Institute – Russia ( 1991,1995,1998 ), Gent University- Belgium ( 1993. 1996 ) and the City University of London (1993, 2000).

  5. Professional activities:
          He is currently holding a professor position and he is giving courses in ”Computer Control architectures”, ”Intelligent Systems in Ecology” and ”Automatic Control in Chemistry”. His main area of interest are: Digital Control algorithms, Microprocessor measurement systems, Information systems in ecology and Digital control equipments.
          He is member of the Romanian Society for Automation and Informatics (SRAIT) and of The Russian Society for Ecoinformatics.

  6. Scientific activity:
          He published more than 140 scientific papers in Romania and other many countries in scientific journals and conference proceedings. He wrote more than 20 books for students and for scientific workers in the field of Digital Control Systems. He designed for Romanian enterprises the first set point controllers for heating processes (1973), the first digital controllers with transistors ( 1964), with integrated circuits (1969) and first digital multi channel controllers (1985). He participated in a research team UPB-IPA-I.I.Automatica to design the distributed digital systems with microprocessors SDC2050 (1985-1989).